Emergency Repairs

smoke-repairOncall Energy provides our regular fire inspection and equipment maintenance clients with a priority Emergency Repair service.

This important, evening and weekend service can help our clients to quickly and professionally resolve any number of fire safety emergencies. For example:

  • False fire alarms;
  • Leaking sprinkler or fire hydrant systems;
  • Recommission the fire safety system and provide support for the residents and/or property owners following an emergency response to the site by the fire brigade.

Oncall Energy provides this emergency repair service to our regular customers because our technicians:

  • Know how to access the property and who to contact;
  • They are familiar with the building’s layout and where the fire safety equipment is located;
  • They have the technical knowledge, parts and components to recommission most items.

This knowledge and expertise reduces the time and cost for you to have this emergency work completed. When this is required after hours, on public holidays or on weekends, we will need to charge a minimum 4 hours double time rates as required by our Award.

Our Emergency Repair Service number is 0425 272 120

Contact our friendly team on 02 9502 2229 or online for free advice and/or
an on-site Fire Safety Inspection quote anywhere in Sydney.