Residential Body Corporate

residentialAre you looking for a professional, reliable and experienced fire inspection and maintenance service for your residential property, block of units, flats, apartments, townhouses and/or villas?

We assist many residential and body corporate clients and can help you to organise a fully compliant fire safety inspection and any subsequent work that may be required to meet Council requirements as quickly, professionally and cheaply as possible.

Our service features:

  • No call-out fees and free on-site fire inspection quotes;
  • A friendly, helpful and knowledgeable person to call to discuss your needs and provide you with timely quotes, reports, certificates and advice;
  • The benefit of conducting fire safety inspections in the evenings when you and other residents are more likely to be home and can give us access to the property. This in turn reduces the need and cost of completing re-inspections when residents are not home during the day;
  • A professional fire safety inspection service completed by competent technicians who are experienced in working in residential building;
  • As required, quality brand name batteries are supplied and installed in smoke alarms at no extra charge;
  • Test smoke is used to test each smoke alarm which is more thorough and reliable than using the test switch;
  • An easy-to-understand corrective action report and cost estimate to repair and/or replace any equipment that is tested to be out-of-date or not working to the required safety standard;
  • Our advice and assistance in organising any necessary repairs and replacements that are needed to comply with Council requirements;
  • If and when needed, we provide an emergency, Oncall fire equipment repair service;
  • 15 years of fire inspection and safety experience;

Following your enquiry, we will make an appointment to visit you to explain how we can help you and your body corporate to meet the Council requirements for a Fire Inspection Certificate and also ensure the safety of you, your residents and property.

When we meet, we can discuss costs, how we work and offer our professional advice on what needs to be done as cost-effectively as possible. We will provide you with a written quote and recommendations that you can discuss with the executive committee at your next meeting.

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an on-site Fire Safety Inspection quote anywhere in Sydney.