Fire Safety Inspection

fire-safety-inspectionAn Oncall Fire Inspections service can be organised quickly and easily by calling 02 9502 2229 or sending us an email via our contact page.

We will arrange a time to meet you on site to provide a free quote to complete the Fire Safety Inspection to meet your Council or insurance requirements.

If you are happy with our proposed service and quote, we will schedule a time to complete the Fire Safety Inspection and provide you with a Corrective Action Report outlining any rectification work and cost estimates that is required for your premises to comply with Council requirements.

When you use our fire inspection and safety services; you are not obligated to use our repair service. You will have the option to use our technicians to complete the repairs or use a licensed tradesperson of your choice.

If you do have a preferred contractor or tradesman, we will send them a Completed Work Statement to return to us so we can then issue Fire Inspection Certificate.

Alternatively, we can offer you the convenience of our one-stop repair service to complete all necessary works on your behalf. We will quote this work separately and, unlike other fire inspection companies, we charge competitive trade rates without the premium margins typical of this industry.

Our complete fire inspection and repair service will save you time and money and the work will be undertaken by professionally trained technicians who have expertise in fire inspections, safety and maintenance work.

We are proud of our open, transparent and professional service, providing you with real value.

  • We use test smoke to test each smoke alarm;
  • We supply and install new quality brand name batteries in smoke alarms at no extra charge.

Our evening inspection service for residential properties is both convenient with the following cost saving:

  • There is no extra charge to complete a fire inspections of residential properties during evenings when most people are home;
  • When timely inspection notices have been circulated to residents, we will not charge for the first reinspection if one is required.

We can also arrange after-hours fire safety inspections for commercial and industrial clients as needed.

Contact our friendly team on 02 9502 2229 or online for free advice and/or
an on-site Fire Safety Inspection quote anywhere in Sydney.